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Uniform Adult Guardianship Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act Signed into Law.

The UAGPPJA provides a set of uniform rules that address jurisdiction and related issues in adult guardianship cases where multiple states are involved. The gap in New York Mental Hygiene Law required guardianship proceedings to be duplicated in NY because a guardianship issued in another state was not recognized in NY. Reestablishment of incapacity and the need for a guardian appointment can be a lengthy, expensive, burdensome, and emotional process distracting resources and time from critical care. This UGPPJA does not change NY guardianship law but facilitates only one state having jurisdiction to determine first time guardianship petitions, establishes a system to transfer existing guardianship appointments from one state to another, and creates a system to recognize and enforce guardianship orders of one state in another. New York is the 37th State (plus Puerto Rico and D.C.) to enact the law.

The Act goes into effect April 21, 2014

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