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Abby aims to focus her clients to more effectively use their own problem-solving and coping capacities to make personalized, sound decisions.

She works with clients in a goal-oriented and solution-focused, flexible process to identify concerns and significance of issues, regulate emotions, anticipate potential problems, as well as recognize and manage triggers that can derail constructive conversation. Abby helps clients conceptualize the dynamics of the conflict, including the characteristics of the people involved, the circumstances in which it arose, and the desired outcome.


With her colleague, Jeffrey Steiger LCSW, Abby co-facilitates a structured group and privately consults with people who would like to or are forced by circumstances to make a significant change in their life and need help with the challenges that inevitably arise. Sometimes, this desire is precipitated by an event like a divorce, a loss of a job, or children launching. Sometimes, an idea has been conceived but it has been difficult to begin the steps to execute or finish. Whether we initiate the change or it happens to us, we are bound to face some internal conflict that will test our current thinking and behaviors, and we will need in order to achieve a sustainable transformation, to draw upon our core strengths, develop a comprehensive analysis, access resources in an effective manner, and re-evaluate our habits. Pivotal Moments is designed to help people gain clarity, advance with confidences, achieve a sustainable transformation and construct solutions.


As a family facilitator, Abby uses individual and group meetings to help identify priorities and concerns in the context of historical relationships. If need be, she may help clarify what additional information is needed to evaluate options.  In the case, for example, of families making decisions about the care of an elderly or sick member or adjusting to the terms of a testamentary disposition, coordinating consultation with other professionals such as health care experts, geriatric care managers, financial advisors, insurance agents, attorneys and accountants may be appropriate.

Mindful that there may be way that the participants have previously communicated about family matters and disagreements, Abby is skilled at helping people navigate through issues and ideas to help create clarity, greater understanding and durable solutions.


Abby has co-facilitated a variety of on-going support and psycho-educational groups. In addition, she has facilitated numerous professional meetings and workshops, team meetings, group collaborations and disputes as well as client/account manager discussions concerning the psychological effect of certain advertising campaigns. 

Abby is a certified facilitator and administrator of the Strength Deployment Inventory, a self assessment tool that allows one to gain greater insight in to why we behave as we do when things are going well and during conflict — one’s conflict style.

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