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Often when people disagree, they develop strong emotions about the problem or the other person(s) involved.


The adversarial setting sets up a dynamic where essentially one person will be judged right and the other(s) wrong. This can increase hostility and stress, leaving the participants financially and emotionally exhausted.


In addition, often information that is meaningful to the participants will not be acknowledged or permitted to be shared as it is not relevant to the legal analysis - even if highly relevant to a person's life story.


A skilled mediator provides a consensual approach which allows each person to have an opportunity to share what is important to him/her and use that information in a manageable problem-solving process to create a workable solution.


In addition to coaching, Abby is a partner at Berkman Bottger Newman & Schein, LLP where she concentrates her practice on dispute resolution. Her goal is to resolve disputes effectively and efficiently. Abby mediates a wide range of family and relational matters, including divorce, separation custody and visitation, pre  and post nuptial agreements, parent/child, trusts and estates, elder care, as well as those arising in the context of family-owned businesses and partnerships. She has a particular interest in helping people with mental health and substance dependency concerns.

Abby serves on a variety of court-affiliated dispute resolution panels and frequently speaks on topics related to mediation and conflict. She is a New York State Certified Guardian for Alleged Incapacitated Persons, trained in special education mediation, and understands particular issues involving those with special needs. She is an active member of various professional organizations in law, conflict resolution and mental health. Abby is  a member of the New York and California State Bars, the past Executive Director of the New York Association of Collaborative Professionals, as well as a member of the Westchester Women’s Bar Association, serving as co-chair of the Mediation Committee.
Abby is an adjunct professor at Manhattanville College School of Business where she has taught negotiation and situational influence through the Women's Leadership Institute. She is a member of Northern Westchester Hospital's Ethics Committee.

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