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I found myself on a website site today that describes the compilation of work of ten European, American and African NGOs that are devoted to eradication of malaria. In describing how to raise awareness and take action, the site,, reflected that being aware of a problem may cause people to be concerned. But, mere concern does not necessarily translate into a solution. Instead, people have to have an opportunity to be engaged. “Campaigns are not about knowing something such as knowing the solution; they are about involving people in changing events so that solution becomes attainable.”

Awareness. Engagement. Realistic Solutions.

Concepts so obvious, yet, we often need to plan a particular way to openly and coherently express our interests in a manner that invites others to participate. The same holds true whether the goal is to promote a mass movement or to understand and perhaps change a personal relationship. Mediation and the Collaborative process provide that opportunity to focus and be empowered while acknowledging the needs of the other.

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